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On top of our creative work, we have over 15 years of advertising and marketing experience.  

Before we take on a project, we work out who your target market is and who your future target market might be. We understand the importance and subtleties of creating content designed to maximise the potential of reaching your key market/audience.

Throughout the whole process from pre-production through to final editing, it is imperative to know who we are targeting.

This is why London Fashion Films isn’t just another video and photo production agency, we really care that your campaigns and content work for you. 

We also help some of our smaller clients to gain exposure by using some of our extensive contacts in the media world such as TV and Magazines and Social.


We work closely with  all our clients, so that we can truly understand their needs and vision. We travel around the globe to find the best locations and our goal is to produce the content that only top industry names would expect, but without breaking our clients bank accounts.. :)



Yours truly,

London Fashion Films 

(LFF Productions)


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